final album of camille and tyler

Cody and April

Merry Christmas from the Grigg family, circa 2005

Frank Family Santaquin

Talk about nice light in a fun outdoor studio. I should shoot every family in an orchard on a cloudy day.

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Andrew and AnnMarie

Salt Lake and the Beehive House

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Evans Family

The boys are growing up so fast. I can still see them in sunday suits with shorts and ties, or walking to the first day of kindergarten—fun family. Thank you for a great day at Bridal Veil Falls.

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Heath and Becky

I delivered the album and they like it! Woot!

becky's blog

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Sometimes you just take a picture, straight out of the camera, that just makes you happy. I really like the real smiles on Emily and Andy's faces. They don't mind each other at all.

tyler and camille, the book mute music if you need to keep it quiet

andrew and ann marie

my friend rebecca

today is wedding album day

Audrey's lovely family at the Lindon Harley dealership